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Transgender Health Fair
Workshop Center


Welcome to the Transgender Health Fair

From Rachel Crandall Crocker, Executive Director of Transgender Michigan

Saturday, Sept 30
1:30, 30-45 minutes

Gender Affirming Care at Michigan Medicine

  • Presented by Lu Evergreen Katharine Korchnak
    • Lu Evergreen (they/them) is a social worker with the Comprehensive Gender Services Program at Michigan Medicine. Katharine Korchnak (she/her) supports Patient Services and administrative needs for the Comprehensive Gender Services Program.​
  • ​During this workshop, the team from the Comprehensive Gender Services Program at Michigan Medicine will talk about services that are available and how to engage with our program and navigate services.

  • Affirmations, room 201/202

Saturday, Sept 30
2:30, 30-60 minutes

Gender Affirming Voice Therapy: Where do you start?

  • Presented by Ramya Konnai, Ph.D., CCC-SLP (She/her)

    • ​Dr. Konnai is a senior speech language pathologist at Henry Ford Health that specializes in gender affirming voice therapy. She also leads the HFH Virtual Transgender Voice Support Group.

  • Dr. Konnai will discuss vocal well-being, voice therapy techniques, and ways to develop confidence in voice transition. There will also be a question/answer portion.​

  • Affirmations room 201/202.

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