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Speaker Program


Transgender Michigan offers basic or customized panel presentations for classes, community groups, and businesses to learn about transgender identity and issues related to the transgender community.


All Speaker program volunteers have received extensive training, which allows them to professionally portray the wide array of opinions and experiences in the transgender community.


Our popular “Transgender 101” panel includes: 

  • Basic definitions

  • Personal Stories

  • Questions and Answers, which may go anywhere the audience wants to take it.


We at Transgender Michigan are capable of providing speaker program engagements in a variety of other topics as well:  

  • Transgender in the Workplace or Classroom.

  • Transgender Health & Psychology

  • Transgender Love, Sexuality, and Relationships

  • Transgender Political Issues

  • Should your organization require a specific focus, we can accommodate that request.


Our educational literature supplements the education provided during every presentation.

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