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Who We Are

Rachel Crandall Crocker

Rachel Crandall Crocker, LMSW, Executive Director and Co-founder,  is a licensed psychotherapist specializing in transgender issues.  She is also an international transgender activist, and the founder and organizer of the International Transgender Day of Visibility.  Ms. Crandall has consulted for corporations, government agencies, and universities.  She runs the Transgender Michigan help line which is the first transgender help line in the US. 


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Susan Crocker

Susan Crocker, EA, Operations Director & Co-founder, is responsible for the daily running of Transgender Michigan, from maintaining the website to paying the bills.  Susan created the first program of Transgender Michigan, the Transgender Michigan Calendar.  In addition to Transgender Michigan, she has been treasurer of Triangle Foundation and other non-profits.  


Board of Directors


  • Rachel Crandall Crocker, Founder

  • Susan Crocker, Founder, President, Secretary, Treasurer

  • Rachel Snyder

  • Laci Marie Basel, Director since 2017

  • Robert Zurenko, Director since 2020


Honorary (former) Directors


  • Charin Davenport, Director 2014 to 2023

  • Jesse Campbell, Director 2017 to 2019

  • Vanessa E. Goldman, Director 2007 to 2018

  • Joanna Hill

  • Nick Zeilke

  • Jay Elbrecht

  • Allison Vankuiken

  • Megan Smith

  • Cary Marsh

  • Shelley Beaudoin

  • Carla Manion

  • Charlie Ford

  • Cj Tune 

  • Steph Turner

  • Carrie Copeland

  • Theresa Caggiano

  • Tristia Pettey

  • Cameron Scott

  • Billi Amos

  • Sabrina Arbour

  • Carolyn Tarif

  • Michelle Fox

  • Heather MacAlister

  • Demetris Taylor

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