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Transgender Michigan wants to reach out all sectors of the transgender communities in Michigan, regardless of background. Therefore we are initiating outreach programs targeting otherwise under reached groups.


TransMen Outreach

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Ally Outreach

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20+ Age Group Outreach

Older Adult Outreach

  • Facebook: TGMI Older Adults Chapter

  • HOMES Coalition

    • The HOMES Coalition is a Southeast Michigan coalition of partners and allies working to provide assistance and housing to LGBTQ+ older adults towards aging in community.​

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Spouses Outreach

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Rural Areas Outreach

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Prison Outreach


Youth Outreach

  • Serving the transgender youth of Michigan.

  • Youth Leader: Position open

  • Parent Leader: Position open


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Veteran Outreach

  • Liaison

    • Sabrina Gillis​

  • Under construction​

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