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Mental Health Professionals, TeleHealth (statewide)

Katie Bert, LMSW, 586-925-4827, ,

     Trauma-informed, gender affirming therapy provided via telehealth across Michigan. Most major insurances accepted including select Medicaid plans.

Caryn Sherbet Therapy LMSW, 646-699-4962,,

     I'm a trans nonbinary therapist who specializes in helping clients navigate OCD, anxiety, and sexual trauma (and often the intersection of all three). I help clients understand that anxiety is not actually an emotion, but a way of avoiding bigger, more unpleasant feelings bubbling beneath the surface. Much of my work consists of helping folks process their grief at the existential nightmare that is the world we live in. Using mind-body therapies like IFS and ERP, I teach clients how to get in touch with these Big Feelings without being swallowed by them. I bring a deep understanding of how oppressive systems impact our relationships with ourselves and each other, and encourage clients to do the same. I'm especially passionate about providing trauma-informed sex therapy to LGBTQ+ folks and/or sexual violence survivors. I also specialize in treating OCD, anxiety, burnout, and executive dysfunction. Creating safety in feeling scary emotions is central to my practice, as is providing tangible tools to help clients feel more capable in addressing their struggles, whether that be recovery from sexual trauma or difficulty with executive functioning. I believe firmly in using therapy to guide folks toward pleasure, whatever that means to them.

Chrysalis Facilitation and Counseling Services, 734-945-9100,

     Stephen L. Rassi, Ph.D., L.M.S.W., M.A.  “As an experienced therapist who is skilled at working with gender diverse people and their families, I also have training and expertise in other areas. I use CBT for anxiety, TIR for PTSD and trauma, and teach skills to increase focus and concentration. I am able to accept payment from most insurance companies, and offer a sliding scale fee to those without insurance.”

Connecting Heals, LLC, Ann Arbor,

   Steven Gilpin, LMSW,    I have worked for many years helping trans folx access gender affirming care and providing competent care to the LGBTQ community. I have written numerous letters of support for individuals seeking hormones, top, and bottom surgery and am happy to continue doing so. Feel free to contact me if you have questions or interests.

Cooke Counseling and Consultation LLC, 616-259-4796,

    Dan Cooke, LMSW, CAADC,   With my history of specializing in counseling people struggling with trauma and addictions, I have focused on LGBTQ youth due to the oppression they face related to the heteronormativity and heterocentrism in our culture. Over the years I began working with both youth and adults, addressing gender identity and gender dysphoria. I provide letters for HRT/GRS with clients I see for extended periods of time including throughout their transition. To schedule an appointment or consult, please contact me directly preferably by email

Rachel Crandall-Crocker, LMSW, 517-420-1544,,  Facebook

       I am a licensed clinical social worker. I've been practicing since 1985, and I have been specializing in transgender care since 1997. I have educated many other therapists on transgender care.

FairSky Foundation, 734-887-6316, 

    Mx., L Tantay, MA,    Are you a queer or trans person in the state of Michigan looking for affordable mental health care? L Tantay is a queer and trans clinical intern at FairSky Foundation offering low-cost and free therapy. They specialize in gender affirming, person-centered, and holistic clinical therapy. Make an appointment for a free consultation and see if they could be the right therapist for you. Visit or email L at

Great Lakes Psychology Group, 800-693-1916,

    Liz Curtis, MA, LPC, CAADC, NCC,   I am an open-minded and non-judgmental psychotherapist who loves to help marginalized folks receive support and care. I have helped many trans clients receive HRT or gender-affirming surgeries and other healthcare services since I began practicing in 2019. I specialize in addiction as well.

Michigan Safe Space, 734-301-7668,

    We provide safe, inclusive, and gender affirming tele-therapy to individuals, families, and partners.

Reset Brain and Body, 734-531-8563,

   Lexi Gird, LLP   As a queer, non-binary therapist, my lived experience drives me to show up for others, and provides me with a unique lens to foster connection and empathy with my clients. I provide a trusting space of affirmation, non-judgment, and trauma-responsive care, which supports a collaborative environment to safely process emotions and experiences. My role is to empower self-awareness and work together to use those insights for further reflection, skill building, and steps toward change.

Safe Space Therapeutic Services, 248-491-8152,

    Ruth Hiner, PsyD, Psychologist

Southfield Mental Health Associates, 17320 W. 12 Mile Road, Southfield, MI 48076, 947-517-7806,

    Sarah Redman, MA, TLLP   I am a queer nonbinary therapist! I am a graduate of the Michigan School of Psychology, having received a masters in clinical psychology,. My passion lies in providing therapy to individuals in the LGBTQ+ community. My approach to therapy is humanistic, which essentially means I am accepting, nonjudgmental, and meet people where they are in life. I work primarily with teens and adults. I am currently doing teletherapy sessions but may move to in person in the future. I have experience with informed consent sessions for HRT, and have experience writing letters of support for HRT and gender-affirming services as well.

Suppression 2 Expression Counseling,

    Mx. Sam Shump, LPC, ASDCS, CCATP,   Our telehealth mental health services is both queer and neurodivergent owned and operated. Our goal is to provide services to underserved populations, such as the LGBTQIA+ community, neudivergent community, and racial and ethnic minorities. Many of our therapists have personal experience within these communities. We also have therapists on staff who provide unique skill sets, such as fluency in ASL, Spanish, infant mental health, art therapy, and extensive experience with managing crisis situations.

    Moriah Van Order, LLMSW,    I have extensive experience working with survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse and neglect. I am is passionate about supporting youth and young adults during transitional periods and promoting resiliency, and has a trauma-focused approach to care.

Korrine Wojcik, LLC, (734) 215-5587,

    Korrine Wojcik, LMSW-C    I am a white queer, trans/non-binary therapist who is neurodivergent and lives with chronic illness. I work collaboratively with people to process and integrate their experiences, identify their strengths and values, and develop skills to navigate life's challenges. I am proud to offer anti-racist and anti-oppressive therapy services that address the intersections between identity, justice-oriented and liberation-centered care.

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