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Mental Health Professionals, Kent county

Arbor Circle Outpatient Counseling Services, 1115 Ball Ave NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49505, Office 616.459.7215 ext. 1375, Fax 616.451.0020,

    Thomas J. Fox, LMSW, CAADC, Therapist,,  "My name is TJ Fox and I am a therapist working in the Grand Rapids area.  I am also a trans man.  I have started working with other trans clients to assist them with their transition.  I work at an non profit organization called Arbor Circle.  We work with people with mental health and substance abuse disorders and they are very supportive of me working with trans clients."

Austin Gonzalez Counseling, LLC, 517-673-5693,

    Austin Gonzalez, Clinical social worker, LMSW,    My priority as your therapist is to provide a safe, non-judgmental space that allows you to navigate life’s stressors and to also provide guidance in helping you meet your identified goals. I affirm and honor all identities and practice from a person-centered, strengths based, social justice informed approach.

Cherry Health, HOTC Counseling Center, 100 Cherry Street SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503,

      LaVange Barth, LMSW, Outpatient Clinician, 616.965.8200,  "I have experience working with the trans population and am undergoing training and supervision from UofM to become a sex therapist."

Community Counseling and Personal Growth, 540 Cherry St SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503, 616-456-1586 ​

Counseling Center of West Michigan, 360 East Beltline Ave NE, Suite 100, Grand Rapids, MI 49506, 616-805-3660,

    Ryan Townes, MA, LPC,    "I am a trans masculine, non-binary, person of color, and I use he/him or they/them pronouns. I have a focus in working with individuals, 18 and older, struggling with anxiety and/or seeking support with LGBTQA+ related concerns, such as sexual orientation, sexual identity, and dysphoria. If you, or someone you know, is seeking an LGBTQA+ affirming counselor who also identifies under the spectrum, or is seeking help with addiction related concerns, grief, or depression, you can schedule with me with the front desk staff, just call (616) 805-3660 and ask for an appointment with Ryan Townes. I only, and permanently, offer telehealth appointments."

Diversity Counseling and Therapy Center, PLLC, Grand Rapids, MI, 616-451-1965

    Annita List, MSW ACSW CFT, CAC,    "Private practice specializing in diversity. Practice established in 1995."  "Annita is somewhat for better or worse the TG guru of Grand Rapids. She is one of the more well known Theripists that deals with TG issues here in GR. Some have found her style not the best, but seh is very good and carries a great reputation in our community."

Barb Homrich 616-949-7460  "Barb is a former co-worker of mine she is a great open minded person and from what I hear a good therapist also."

Jason Kae-Smith, LMSW, CST, Psychotherapist, AASECT-Certified Sex Therapist, 2020 Raybrook SE, #203, Grand Rapids, MI 49546, (616) 690-0010,

     "I just wanted to let you know that I am an AASECT-Certified Sex Therapist and I work with a number of people in Grand Rapids who identify as trans, gender variant, etc."

LaVange Barth, 1422 Wealthy St SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49505,

    LaVange Barth, LMSW CST CAADC

Life Guidance Services, 1400 Leonard NE, Grand Rapids, MI, 49505-5515 Ph # 616-774-0633.

      Mary L. Viventi, MA, CSW, ADS, TFT,  "She is totally excellent, loads of experience, was married, divorced and had to come out also, familiar with all GLBT and BDSM. They accept most insurance and even work with low-income folks." --K.

Mariah Masell, LMSW, 233 Fulton St E, Ste 524, Grand Rapids, MI 49503, 616-209-8081

    I am experienced in helping clients with a variety of life challenges including anxiety, depression, ADHD, gender identity, trauma, and anger management. I specialize in working with teens and young adults in the LGBTQIA community, neurodivergent individuals, health care workers, and veterans.

David Morse 616-464-2560

      "I just got off the phone with David. He is very comfortable having people dealing with various transgendered issues as clients. He expressed he has not had much experience with this however he works extensively in the LGBT community. His focus he says is the importance of being who you are."

North Kent Guidance Services, LLC, 5250 Northland Drive, Suite A, Grand Rapids, MI 49525, 616-361-5001

    Lori M. Bray, Ph.D., L.P., Licensed Psychologist

Pivotal Counseling, 5005 Plainfield Ave NE Ste 100, Grand Rapids, MI 49525, 616-279-3869,

Pine Rest - Caledonia Clinic, 9090 South Rodgers Court, Suite D, Caledonia, MI 49316. 616.891.8770

    April Allen, MA, CAAC. Limited Licensed Psychologist,   To schedule a new appointment, call: 866.852.4001

Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services, 3225 N. Evergreen Dr NE, Ste 301, Grand Rapids, MI 49525, 616-364-1500

    Dr. Kimberley Kunze, Clinical Psychologist    "I am a clinical psychologist at Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services in Grand Rapids, MI, where I seek to affirm and celebrate gender and sexual diversity. I have focused on improving care and access to care for transgender/gender expansive/gender non-conforming individuals since 2012. I am a member of WPATH and can provide outpatient therapy for individuals, families, and couples. I am especially passionate about helping transgender folks who are having trouble being accepted or affirmed by their families, religious institutions, schools, or work. I love to coordinate care with doctors, endocrinologists, and surgeons who serve transgender/gender expansive/gender nonconforming individuals. I am proud to provide letters of support for hormone suppression, hormone replacement therapies and gender confirmation surgeries, when applicable."

River City Psychological Services,1000 Monroe Avenue NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49503,  616.259.7207​

     Amy L. Ver Wey, MA LLP, Limited Licensed Psychologist.
"I am a mental health therapist with River City Psychological Services, a private practice located in Grand Rapids. All of the clinicians at River City are LGBTQ affirmative and strive to advocate for anything our clients may need. I personally have multiple transgender clients whom I support and advocate for throughout their transition. I work with children, adolescents, teens and adults."

    Erika Oliver, MA LLP CAADC

    Kristin Roberts, MA LPC

Serenity Psychotherapy LLC, 401 Hall St. SW, Suite 185G, Grand Rapids, MI 49503, 616-900-9020,

    Sarah Saunders, LMSW, LCSW    As a queer psychotherapist, Sarah (she/her) created Serenity Psychotherapy in order to provide an affirming space for the LGBTQIA2S+ community to find support. Due to the pandemic, all services are provided virtually. Sarah specializes in supporting folks around identity formation and personal growth, as well as depression, anxiety, trauma, and relationships. She also has extensive experience working with folks with HIV and other chronic conditions. Feel free to check out the website, and reach out anytime if you'd like to connect!

Deborah Spoors, MA LLP: Imago Therapist, Individual, Couples, Group, (616) 456-1586 Grand Rapids, MI 49503,

Tahoma Counseling, 1346 Baldwin Street, Jenison, MI 49428, 616-765-8585,

    Skyler Nunez, MA, LLPC,   As a transgender person I understand the value of advocacy, affirmation, and support. I believe in being a strong advocate for not only change but justice and equity. I strive to create a safe, affirming, and nonjudgmental space to exist as you navigate your mental health journey. I will walk alongside you helping your strengths shine through and continue to grow.

Tobin Counseling, , 632 Fulton St. W, Grand Rapids, MI 49504,

    Ash Tobin, MA, LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor)    Tobin Counseling offers therapy centering your lived experience. I’m a queer / trans / non-binary therapist for individuals exploring identity, experiencing grief, or healing from trauma.

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