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Mental Health Professionals, Ingham County

Consulting Assoc, 4084 Okemos Rd # A, Okemos, MI 517-349-8388

  Arnold Berkman, S PHD   

Annette L. Fortino, LCSW, 3960 Patient Care Way SUITE 101 (off Jolly Rd near Dunckel), Lansing, MI 48911, 517-882-3732.

GPS Guide to Personal Solutions, 1801 E Saginaw St, Suite 1, Lansing, MI 48912, 517-667-0061

   GPS originated in Lansing, Michigan, as a mental health agency focused on providing accessible care for all members of the community with dignity, respect, and empathy.Access to care is provided through telehealth and in-office visits with various specializations, including helping individuals cope and heal from depression, anxiety, PTSD, trauma, addiction, impulsive behaviors and other mental health or life phase concerns and adjustments.Our team of professionals works with each individual to develop an individualized plan that meets their specific needs, always with attention to the client's self-determination of goals, culture, and individual faith. We strive to provide support and guidance to help our clients achieve their goals, increase their resiliency, and live an authentic insightful life. 

    Nicole Dingwell Frendt, LMSW CAADC CSAT CCS,  Director,    

Lansing Area AIDS Network Behavioral Health Program, 913 W. Holmes Rd. Suite 115, Lansing, MI 48910, 517-394-3719

      LAAN provided gender affirming therapy, in person and via telehealth.  Trans and non-binary client who wish to access supportive letter required by their health insurance plans and/or mental health therapy will be provided by a gender affirming therapist.  LAAN provides mental health services to the LGBTQIA community, people living with HIV, and caregivers of people living with HIV.  To find out if we accept your health insurance please call 517-394-3719. 

Resilient Life Counseling and Consultation Services, LLC. 3800 Heritage Ave St. #2 Okemos, MI 48864, (517) 525-1132

    Daniel Burns, LMSW   Daniel Burns, LMSW is a gender therapist who specializes providing gender affirming care and trauma informed care to address the unique barriers gender expansive people face. Additional to providing a safe place, I am connected to health providers and other resources.

Maxine Thome, MSW, Lansing, MI , 517-881-5074,

    "Maxine Thome, MSW, has been practicing for many years in the Lansing area and works with trans clients. I have worked closely with Max on a number of transgender and LGB health advocacy concerns. She has enormous compassion, and a deep commitment to trans issues. A very experienced therapist, she is also connected to other health providers."

Timothy R. Waskerwitz, MA, LMFT, 4111 Okemos Rd #104, Okemos, 48864, 517-347-1867,

Wild Ferns Wellness Center, 2929 Covington Court, Lansing, MI 48910, 517-798-6745,

     We have 15 mental health therapists who all center the needs of LGBTQIA clients, with a specific focus on working with transgender clients. Wild Ferns Wellness Center also offers voice coaching, electrolysis, massage therapy, life coaching and photography services. ALL SERVICES center the needs of transgender and non-binary clients. 

    Parker Curtis, MA, LPC,    "I am a transgender identified therapist who specializes in helping transgender clients get their mental health and gender needs met."

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