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What is the history of Transgender Michigan?


Susan Crocker, EA, and Rachel Crandall, MSW founded TransGender Michigan in 1997, and dedicated the organization to improving the lives of transgender individuals in Michigan. Stemming from their personal experiences as transgender-identified individuals in a society ignorant about gender differences, Susan and Rachel quickly realized the overwhelming need to unite transgender individuals throughout Michigan through an online clearinghouse for transgender information and events in Michigan. TransGender Michigan has evolved into an organization that provides a multitude of services and programs with the following mission: "Because transgender individuals and significant others, families, friends, and allies (SOFFAs) face discrimination, violence, harassment, and inequality, TransGender Michigan aims to remedy these social injustices and create a better future for all." 



In the past, we have added to our repertoire: 

  • We started an exciting traveling discussion forum entitled "LeT's ChaT AbouT" This forum allows transgender individuals, allies, significant others, friends, and family from around the state of Michigan the opportunity to discuss a variety of specific topics of need and interest to the transgender community.  

  • TransGender Michigan has produced six educational brochures, our Terms and Definitions Brochure, a brochure for allies, a pamphlet outlining how HIV/AIDS uniquely impacts the transgender community, a brochure for significant others of transgender people, a brochure regarding the Transgender Day of Remembrance, and a brochure chronicling transgender history. 

  • We attended Pride events throughout the state, reaching out to communities for the first time. 

  • We co-sponsored a Transgender Town Hall Meeting with the Human Rights Campaign. 

  • We were a driving force behind the addition of transgender identity to the anti-discrimination policy of City of East Lansing, Michigan.  

  • In order to provide additional support to our community, TransGender Michigan enhanced our telephone support services through a 24-hour crisis intervention hotline. 

  • TransGender Michigan along with Affirmations, Green House Gender Dignity Project, and Transgender Detroit became part of a "Coalition of Organizations to Tackle Homelessness".  With a grant from the Arcus Foundation, TransGender Michigan has been able to offer training and materials to homeless shelters wishing to make a difference by opening their doors to the transgender homeless community.  Please visit for more information. 


It was in recognition of these and many other successes, we were named as a runner-up as "Most Effective LGBT Organization" by the readers of Between the Lines and received the Cultural Award at this year's Pride Banquet. These honors are emblematic of the pride which TransGender Michigan takes in its efforts, knowing that it is making a name and a positive reputation for itself while striving to increase opportunities for all.


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