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Which restroom may I use? 


      There is no law in Michigan restricting restroom use.  However, the use of the wrong restroom does fall under "disturbing the peace".  But if your license says "female" and you go in, do your business and get out, no one should have a way to challenge your use of the "ladies". 


    "The one thing that I would like to add is the Michigan's Equal Access law regarding public accommodations, does permit for separate bathroom facilities for males and females.  I know that cities such as San Francisco permit bathroom usage according to state ID.  I don't believe that Michigan has any specific policy regarding this. Probably the issue of the bathroom would have to be looked at on a case by case basis.  I agree with you, that identification should be sufficient, but I know that's not always the case.  The case law regarding this issue has been mixed.  Certainly a transgender employee should have access to bathroom facilities that accommodate his/her gender expression/identity- be that a unisex bathroom or the gender identified bathroom facility."  -- Jay Kaplan, ACLU lawyer. 


Confessions of a bathroom desperado


I am just a regular bathroom user now.  You know using the bathroom just any other woman.  


But few people know that I used to be a bathroom desperado.  


That's right.  Mild mannered Rachel Crandall was once the scourge of every bathroom she even thought about entering.  


You may ask how could Rachel possibly do that.


Well to tell you the truth, for a period of time I was guilty of the most hideous crime that is one of the most hideous in our current day society.  That is right.  When I was first transitioning I appeared to be neither completely one gender nor the other.  Honestly people were not sure exactly what I was.  I did not conform to either gender box in our society.  And that made me a terrible outlaw, especially when it came to bathrooms.


When I entered bathrooms they were quickly evacuated.  Women would grab their children.  I was public enemy no. 1.  


If I then tried to use the men's room they would quickly run out because they thought I was a woman.  And when I used the ladies' room they would run out because they thought I was a man.


Well I say bathroom desperados unite!  


Let's come together.  If a couple of us entered a bathroom we would own that bathroom forever.  Pretty soon every bathroom would be ours.  Then other folks would need to conform with us.  Wow! 


Today the bathroom, tomorrow the world! 



--Rachel Crandall, as published in "Spawn of Killer Monroe" and "City Pulse",

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