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Common Questions: Name Change



How do I change my name in Michigan?


  • Go to your county's Probate Court.

  • Get forms for name change and complete.

  • Pay about $200 in fees.

  • They will advertise the name change in the local Legal News.

  • You will be directed to get fingerprinted for a background check.

  • Wait 2 to 3 months.

  • Stand before the Judge or their representive and swear there is no fraud involved in this change.

  • They will sign your document.

  • Take copies of this document to Social Security, Secretary of State, your bank, etc.

  • Congradulations! Your name change is complete.




#TransMatters in Law

Name changes, gender markers, and the legal low down

Presented By OUTreach Pro Bono Project 

with the Outlaws of the University of Michigan Law School


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