How do I change the gender marker on my Michigan Birth Certificate?



  Every state has different requirements and procedures for changing your birth certificate.  This information only applies were born in Michigan.


  Documentation Requirements for Changes, Amendments or Corrections to Vital Records )

  "Changing the Sex of Registrant

  • Sex Reassignment: Completed change Application Physician’s Medical Affidavit o Supplied by the State Registrar’s office o Must be notarized, attesting all necessary reassignment surgeries have been completed   (MCL 333.2831( c )) "


Change Application


Medical Affidavit


For more see,1607,7-132-4645---,00.html







I just wanted to signal that the info up at the website re Michigan birth certs is not quite correct.  And it also doesn't help people navigate the erroneous info posted on the MDCH website.  I've encountered a number of people who have been completely mislead by the MDCH information, and the TGMi info does not do much to counter that problem.  




THe Michigan statute says that the application must be accompanied by a physician's certification that "sex reassignment surgery has been performed". Period.  That is all that it says. 


The Affidavit says this is what is to be certified, and it also adds non-statutory language that the individual "has had appropriate surgical procedures completed for gender transition to the new gender"...  


Neither of these is what TG MI has posted which is "all necessary reassignment surgeries have been completed".  That is a much narrower filter, and factually incorrect. I hope you'll correct it to show the statutory language "that sex reassignment surgery has been performed."  


In addition, I hope you'll also provide an explicit note that the FAQ at the MDCH website is completely misleading, since it asserts that the certification must be that "genital sex-reassignment surgery has been successfully completed.",1607,7-132-4645_4933-13952--,00.html


Nowhere in this part of the statute are the words "genital" or "successfully" or "completed" used. They are not part of the requirement. Period. 


I also hope that you'll provide explicit advice with respect to the Affidavit, advising people that they should not provide any additional details with regard to type or extent of surgery.  They should provide the information asked for in the Affidavit, and nothing more.  In addition, they should be advised that the certification can be done by any physician with direct medical knowledge of their case, and does not need to be done by the surgeon who performed surgery. 


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