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Sexual Health
  • Planned Parenthood provides sexually transmitted disease/infection testing and education, as well as women and men’s health care services.  Planned Parenthood’s services are offered on a sliding scale and some are free for those who qualify.  Planned Parenthood lists gender identity as one of the characteristics that they do not discriminate against and has also created a booklet on how health care providers can become more inclusive for transgender clients.  See for locations.

  • Le Dame Footwear, toll-free:877-365-6147, cell: 608-217-2582, fax: 608-845-9529,  "Serving the crossdressing and transgender communities."
  • Malinda's Shoes, 28th & Division, Grand Rapids. 

Shopping Consultant
  • C.US, Carol Gammon, Shopping Companion, 586-254-7527. 

  • Jennifer Gostlin, MA, CCC, Speech Language Pathologist, 355 Briarwood Circle, Building 4, Ann Arbor, 734-998-7880,
  • Kathe Perez' Fundamentals of Your Feminine Voice.  It's a three-CD course that covers all the basics of vocal feminization:

Suicide Prevention
  • Sabreena Lachlainn, Cell: 734-765-322,     "I would like to add my services to the list, my name is Sabreena Lachlainn I am a transsexual woman and a public speaker for LGBT Youth and Adult suicide Prevention, I am a member of the Michigan Suicide Prevention Coalition, Michigan Association of Suicidology and the founder and Co-Director of my own Not-for Profit Foundation, Journey For Hope.  I do public appearances for a small fee to bring awareness about the seriousness of suicide in Michigan as well Nationally among all people to include our LGBT Community so if anyone is interested in having me speak at their school, church, or community center etc please feel free to contact me."  

Support Groups