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Your sponsorship goes a long way to support our mission.  Thank you.

$1,000 - Gold Sponsorship. 

  • Free large top ad on virtual mall page, Large Logo on event page, & Free vendor space*.

$500 - Silver Sponsorship. 

  • Free ad on virtual mall page, Logo on event page, & Free vendor space*.

$250 - Bronze Sponsorship. 

  • Listing on event page & virtual mall page, & Free vendor space*.

All levels

  • Shout out on social media and website

  • Shout out on our newsletter if you register before August 14

We are also open to food, beverage, or other sponsorship proposals.

* Vendor space is an 10x10 open vendor space in the park. Bring your own table/chairs and shelter. Can be upgraded to free table or half table in pavilion if available.


Transgender Pride in the Park


Vendor options at Transgender Pride in the Park:

  • $100 - Full Table. 

  • $60 - Half Table. 

  • $35 - Open Space. Open vendor space in the park. Bring your own table/chairs and shelter. (per 10x10 space)

  • $20 - Ad in virtual mall.

Vendor Instructions

  • The event is at the Martin Road Park pavilion, 1900 Orchard Ave, Ferndale, MI 48220.  The event hours are noon to 6pm.

  • We have the park reserved for all day.  The organizers will be arriving before 11am, but you may start set up at any time. 

  • There are electric outlets on the east side of the pavilion.  Vendors who need electric have first dibs on that area (bring your own extension cords if needed). 

  • You may claim any space around the pavilion you wish.  The picnic tables at the south end of the pavilion are for those that reserved tables.

  • Please clean up your area after the event.  

Park/Pavilion Terms & Conditions

  • Alcoholic beverages are NOT permitted in any Ferndale Parks.

  • Keep all vehicles off the grass.  (If conditions are not muddy, no one will stop you for unloading and loading only.) 

  • All decorations must be removed from tables, poles, buildings, etc. at end of event.

  • Restrooms will unlocked and maintained during the event only.  They must be left neat and free of debris.

  • All garbage must be bagged, tied, and placed in trash barrels.

  • You assume full responsibility for damages to City of Ferndale or Transgender Michigan property because of your activity.

  • You must be considerate of surrounding neighbors.

  • Tents are limited to 10' x 10'.

  • No fireworks or open fires are allowed.

  • If these terms are not met, Transgender Michigan will lose its security deposit.

  • The park is open to the public 7am to 10pm.

  • Ferndale Parks and Transgender Michigan are not responsible for any personal items left on the premises.

Special COVID Terms & Conditions (subject to change as conditions improve)

  • Encourage social distancing.  Space tables/shelters appropriately

  • Wear a mask and encourge mask use as appropriate.

Transgender Pride in the Park


We need volunteers to set up, greet visitors, and clean up after.


Set up team  (Rachel & I will be arriving with the supply van a little before 11 am. Everything needs to be swept. Vendors tables need to be positioned. A table on the right is reserved for food. The TGMI booth needs to be set up. We could also use help loading the van in Warren.}

  •  11 am to 1 pm shift

  •  Help load van in Warren.


Hospitality team  (You are to greet all new arrivals and make them feel welcome. Hand out programs and wristbands. Be on the look out for anyone who may have issues or needs special assistance. Try to prevent any security issues.)

  • 12 to 2 pm shift.

  •  2 to 4 pm shift.

  •  4 to 6 pm shift.


Clean up team  (All trash goes into trash bags or into the trash barrels. Leftover food may go to anyone who wants it. The area needs to be swept. TGMI will loose our deposit if the area is not left at least as clean as we found it. We could also use help unloading the van in Warren.)

  •  5-7 pm shift.

  •  Help unload van in Warren.

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