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    Generations OB-GYN, 35046 Woodward Ave #100, Birmingham, MI 48009, (248) 647-9860
  • Nicole Vinckier, PA-C,  "I am a Physician Assistant at an OBGYN office in Birmingham. I can provide competent care for trans men who may still need pap smears and gynecological care."

Older Adult Resources
    See TGMI Older Adult 


   Butterfly Technologies, 1-800-410-8077, "We specialize in Web Development, PC Repair, Computer Training, Networking, and E-commerce."
    Everything Sober, a GLBTQ Group on MSN for Support and Recovery for dealing with Drug abuse issues.  "Drug issues are a large issue among TG youth and their friends/partners. As far as I know, there isn't much with this specific target on-line.  While the focus is for younger persons, everyone is welcome. It's a moderated community, so abuse and rudeness are kept at a minimum."  -- Krysta
    GenderTalk  "Gender programming, each Monday evening on web radio, and an archive of programs back to `97..."  --P
    Latino List-Serve. "This is the 1st and so far only group for all Latino, Hispanic, Mexican people born with female bodies who identify/feel transsexual, transgendered, intersexed, queerly gendered, 3rd gender, Stone Butch and Butch. SOFFAs (significant other, friend, family, or ally of one or more trans/intersex/gender queer persons) and the Stone Femmes, femmes etc. that love us are of course welcome." 
    PinkMyst Internet Services for the Transgendered Community Chat, e-mail, web pages, web hosting.  
    Transgender of West Michigan,  "This is a supportive group of TG persons who want to live life to the fullest and help assist others in the group in doing the same. This is a private group of people that are positive and caring and want a place to feel at home. We seek others who wish to create a safe place for all TG persons to know that they truly are an integral part of society and wish to live an exceptional life." --J
    Trans-Mich. Transgender E-mail List of Ann Arbor, an email discussion list for local trans issues and announcements. To join the list, please e-mail For more information please e-mail  
    Trans_Survivors. To join list, send email to In the body of the email (not the subject line) type: subscribe trans_survivors Contact: Jesse,  "This is an online community for all trans-identified individuals (including but not limited to: FTM, MTF, genderqueer, or multigendered), and SOFFA's who are either abuse survivors themselves or have been affected by the abuse or assault of someone they know- including sexual assault & violence, childhood abuse, abusive relationships, and violence as a result of gender variance or perceived gender variance/queerness."

    OptimEyes, 32600 Gratiot (at about 13 1/2 Mile), Roseville, 586-294-0120