Transgender Michigan

Chapter Leader

Volunteer Position Description

  Chapter Leader is a volunteer position which provides field support from Transgender Michigan for a Chapter region.  The Chapter leader will report to and be a member of the field support team.

  This description is a guideline.  The individual positions will be tailored to the resources of the volunteer and the needs of the region to be served.

  • Resources.  It would be helpful for the Chapter Leader to be aware of the resources available to the transgender community in the region.  And provide referrals as requested.  Also provide updates or corrections to the TransPages as needed.
  • Community building.  It would be helpful for the Chapter Leader to be aware of the support groups operating on their region, and assist these groups as practical.  If needed, the Chapter Leader may start new support group(s) or host events.  The Chapter Leader may help facilitate the chapter Facebook group discussion.
  • Volunteers.  The Chapter Leader may help recruit volunteers for Transgender Michigan events in your region (i.e. Tables at pride festivals) or for speaker requests.
  • Fundraising.  The Chapter Leader may (as practical) engage in activities to raise funds for the chapter and Transgender Michigan.
  • Advocacy.  Engage (if practical) with local governments, businesses, and agencies to educate them about transgender issues, within the limits of our 501(c)3 charter.

Tools.  Transgender Michigan can provide the following support to the Chapter Leader.
  • The Chapter Leader may get an 800-842-2954 extension. This allows client to reach you toll free, and protects your private number.  We use a RingCentral system. Incoming calls are routed to your number, and an app is available to make outgoing calls.
  • Business cards are available.
  • Transgender Michigan staff may visit your region to assist the Chapter Leader as practical.

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